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Kitchen Renovation

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Our previous projects include several award-winning buildings, including the [prior project] and the [prior project], in addition to many beautiful residential homes like yours. We’ve completed more than major 25 remodels and renovations in the last year alone!

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Interior Remodeling


This proposal is a residential property.
The project is to be built at [location] and is due to begin on [date].



This proposal includes a comprehensive estimate for the full range of services, labor, and materials required to bring the project to completion. This renovation includes: An extension to create an extended living space An additional bedroom by way of the extension *Architectural design and blueprints to be provided by the client.


KITCHEN 6m x 8m Rock-filled insulation walls Drop Ceilings Recessed Lightings


Below you can find the principal timeline of work to deliver your apartment complex, from start to finish.

Estimated Timeline:

June - October

2 Weeks
3 Weeks
9 Weeks
2 Weeks

Home Remodeling

Based on the timescale and specifics outlined in this proposal, we estimate your project costings to be as follows:


Total: $125500

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Waypoint Renovation is the perfect company to trust with your home remodeling project. We are a full-service residential remodeling company with over 10 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area. Specializing in creating beautiful kitchens and bathrooms.


1.1. Company X has prepared this quotation based on pertinent information supplied by the client with regards to the boundaries, size, scale and layout of Project Area in question. Company X accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses, disputes or damages arising from construction work as a direct result of errors in this information. 1.2. All prices are prepared based on a best estimation at time of submission taking into account information supplied by the client.  Should this be found to be inaccurate, Company X will quote an additional charge based on accurate information and evidence to settle the difference, and this must be agreed by both parties before work commences. 1.3. All prices given on this quote are correct at the time of writing but may be subject to future change due to external factors such as cost of supply. 1.4. All quoted prices are valid only up until the expiry date given on the quote. Acceptance of this quotation automatically signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions set out here and indicates an agreement between Company X and client. 1.5. Only the treatments and services described in the quotation is included within the price given. Any other works, labour or supply of materials outside of the scope of the quote given will be chargeable.  Any modification or extra work that falls outside of the remit of this quotation must first be agreed with a price and signed by both parties before it may go ahead.


2.1. Company X will endeavor to carry out the listed services to a high professional standard via suitably qualified tradespeople. 2.2. Whilst all reasonable effort will be made to carry out the required services, Company X reserves the right to alter or cancel some or all work at short notice in the case of reasons beyond it's control e.g. adverse or extreme weather conditions. 2.3. The client must allow sufficient access to the property in order to carry out the services and a connection to a water and electricity supply will be necessary.


3.1. The client accepts the final quote given here and the price of goods and services will be inclusive of VAT.  On acceptance of a quote 40% of the balance shall be immediately due for settlement before work commences. 3.2. On completion of works an invoice shall be raised to settle the remaining balance, which shall be due within 12 days of the invoice date unless otherwise stated. 3.3. If the invoice is not settled within 30 days of the invoice date, Company X reserves the right to begin legal proceedings to recover the outstanding fees with the client liable for Company X's legal fees for doing so. 3.4. These terms and conditions will represent a contract between Company X and client according to the laws of England and Wales.